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Outpatient Services

We provide Outpatient Services to our non-residential clients throughout the valley. We encourage the development of healthy relationships and personal growth through groups and individual...

Clinical Services

The primary goal is to provide effective strengths-based, client-specific services to assist them towards the goals they set for themselves.

Therapy Services

These therapy groups and personal sessions are to create safe spaces for individuals to cultivate with others who have similar experiences. Self-pay options are available for individuals who choose not to utilize health insurance.

Residential Services

The residential homes are a place of safety, stability, and encouragement for young boys. Our goal is to help each young man process past struggles and experiences to build a positive...

DUI Program

Through our DUI services, clients will meet court-ordered ADOT/MVD requirements ensuring they stay compliant and on the path to reinstated driving privileges. If needed, we provided individuals with treatment.

Frequently Asked

If you have any questions similar to what insurances we work with, how our programs work, or how to schedule an appointment with a clinician—you can find your questions answered here!


Donate to NHCC

Since New Horizon Community Care is considered a nonprofit, we rely on donations to help our residential and outpatient services. Learn more on how you can be a monthly donor to help at-risk children in your community strive for a better future.

Meet the Clinicians

Get to know our clinicians and meet the other wonderful staff New Horizon Community Care has to offer.


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