DUI Program

Offering DUI screenings, classes, and treatmeant.

About the DUI Program

The New Horizon Community Care DUI Program consists of DUI Screening, education courses, and treatment for clients referred to or individuals in need. NHCC provides individualized treatment for clients based on their needs. At NHCC, we strive to provide the ideal classes, DUI screening, and treatment program for you or your loved one facing a DUI in Arizona.


DUI Screening

When performing a DUI screening, the individual who received the DUI will be asked a series of questions, then one of our staff will classify them by the information provided from the screening. Different classes require various objectives from the individual. An individual who received a DUI may be offered additional services depending on the screening.

Education Course Coming Soon

Our in-person education program can last anywhere from 16 hours to 36 hours, depending on the information received during the screening process. The program is held on Saturdays located in Tempe. Once the education is completed, the individual will receive a certification of completion. (screening required to attend course)

Treatment Services Coming Soon

DUI treatment services provide the additional assistance an individual seeks to help prevent a future DUI. By participating in a group setting, individuals open up about challenges they've encountered and communicate with others to overcome a common battle. These services are for both referred and non-referred clients.


  • Drug/Alcohol Screening (DUI) $75

    per screening

  • DUI 16-hour Education Coming Soon

    per 8 hour session

  • Substance Abuse, DUI, or DV Classes Coming Soon

    per 1.5 hour session

  • Individual or Family Counseling $120

    per session

  • Court Order Reporting (rush) Coming Soon

    per request

Payment is due at the time of services. If you need to make payment arrangements or miss a class, contact the office at 480-722-2730. Falling behind on payments and attendance could result in being discharged from the program.

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